Monday, January 7, 2013

My New Workout Love

I borrowed this image from a hilarious description written by a guy who took Bar Method with his wife...
click photo for his entry.

Pretty soon my buns will look like this.  Why? Well, I purchased The Bar Method Change Your Body DVD and Pregnancy DVD with some birthday money I received and am really enjoying the workouts.  Since I am only 15 weeks along in my pregnancy, I am still able to do most of the Change Your Body DVD.  They give a good workout if burning muscles and shaky limbs are enough to indicate you are working your body... if you need to be absolutely drenched in sweat, then these will not be high impact enough for you.  I really like being able to actually complete a full workout without feeling like a failure.  I mean, there is almost nothing worse than deciding you are going to be a workout goddess and then be huffing and puffing to the point you need to quit your workout!  The Bar Method allows me to modify for my fitness level and still feel accomplished.  I rather enjoy the burning, shaky legs... and since it incorporates dance-like moves with Pilates I get to pretend I am a ballerina just getting a quick workout in.  I might even get a dancer sweater and wear my hair in a bun.

Because I enjoy these as much as I do, I decided to commit to completing the DVDs at least 4 times per week.  Then, once baby makes her way to the world (that is me being hopeful for another girl), I might even treat myself to a real Bar Method class, since there is a studio in a city not too far from me.

In case you are interested too, I found my DVDs at the link below:
Bar Method Exercise DVDs and Accessories


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