Mama to Mama

People often ask me about their little munchkin's behavior.  Although I do not always have the answer, what I can do is pass along helpful tips, tricks, and activities I have picked up along the way.

Amazing Activities for Kids
  • These ladies have a fantastic blog that is full of fun activities you can do at home with your kids.  The activities all promote development in one area or another.  They also have several articles that explain why play is so important for kids... which saves me from having to type it all out!
General Development
  • Are you concerned about your child's development in the areas of speech, motor skills, social skills/behavior, cognitive development, or adaptive skills?  Of course, you should speak with your pediatrician, but if your child is aged 0-3, did you know that you can have developmental testing completed through your local Child and Family Connections agency (here is a list of agencies)?  You will need to speak to your physician about a referral.  If your child is aged 3 through 5, contact your local school district.  They complete free developmental screenings throughout the school year.  You do not need a referral in order to have your child screened.