Saturday, December 31, 2011

A jump start on my resolutions- Pantry Re-Do Phase One and DIY chalkboard project

It's that time of year... time to think of all the things I have been too lazy to do, and resolve to do them now that it is a new year.  The concept works well with my whole "I'll start tomorrow" thought process problem, AND bonus! New Years is on a Sunday, so it is a nice "beginning" of a new week as well.

So... on my resolution list is to get some of the closets in our house organized, and once I saw the awesome pantry re-do at House of Smiths, I decided it was time to get started.  It can be an early birthday present for the hubs.

Plus... just look at this disaster.  I am almost embarrassed to post this.


The first thing I did was make a trip to Home Goods for mason-like jars with hinged lids and baskets, and to Michael's for Chalkboard paint.  I was pleasantly surprised with the mason jar selection at Home Goods and the big jars were cheaper than Wal-Mart.

I was just going to do black chalkboard labels... but good 'ole Martha had a nice blue color that goes with the accents in my house that I am wanting to play up a little more.  I also bought reusable stencils to help me with making the boxes nice and straight... and will eventually use to stencil words onto the mason jars once I buy more paint.

All I did was section off the space with painters tape... and use a sponge brush to paint it on.  The directions call for 2 coats, and say to wait an hour between in order to dry.  And because I listened, I had to redo almost all of my jars.  Wait until the paint is COMPLETELY dry before adding the next coat, or it slips around on the glass and creates cracks.

I also recommend removing the tape right after your second coat... be careful when pulling it off, as the paint will peel off the glass if you aren't careful.  As you can see I had a little difficulty with the paint staying put... I used an exacto knife to scrape it off.

Here is what they look like when finished... not bad!

And a couple of close-ups...

Now onto my pantry... I took that disaster up top, and put it all on the counter.  I had my book out in case I got bored.

I used my jars for my bags of sugar, flour, salt, etc.  Much better than it spilling all over!  I organized my shelves for breakfasty stuff (coffee, oatmeal, cereal), baking, cooking, and canned/dry foods. 

Baking shelf

Cooking Shelf

Canned/Dry Goods shelf
 And here we are... SO much better!  Now I know where all my spices are, what canned goods I have, and can find things without making everything fall off the shelves.  I don't have the bottom 2 shelves done yet, because I have to clean out another closet for that stuff to go there :)  I think I will be adding an "Ava" shelf down there, so she can begin to be independent with snack time and snack choices.

I am excited to continue the project... just like House of Smith's, we are thinking to add a blue/teal door to give our kitchen a pop of color.  We will see how it all goes!

Happy New Years!  This is the year... I can make my resolutions come true!

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  1. love the chalkboard labels - great idea! Have a fabulous & crafty 2012! x