Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Prep Take One!

Grr... I am trying to make 3 desserts and a veggie dish for upcoming family Christmas parties this weekend. Which resulted in me going to the store at 11pm like this...

With blue flip flops on, and in my Christmas jammies.  Without my hair brushed.  Who have I become?
And why, you may ask?  Because I was in the middle of making this delicious Candycane Cheesecake Cake (from Southern Living), when I go to check on Ava and forget it in the oven.  So my beautiful cheesecake layers now look like this:

I love when I spend hours on food prep and it doesn't work out.  Now not only do I have to stay up till all hours in the morning, but I also have everyone at Dominick's thinking I completely gave up on life.  Haha!  Oh well! Tis the season!

Here are a couple of more disasters from today:
What happens when you try to whip cream while holding the bowl since the mixing bowl was in use.

And whole wheat pretzel rolls that didn't rise since I was supposed to use INSTANT yeast... active does not equal instant.


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