Thursday, December 29, 2011

Busy Bee and my December Birchbox

Whew! It has been a busy day... I am in the middle of my pillow project after crying about cutting Ava's baby outfits.  I suddenly regretted cutting her coming home outfit, even though it was stained in the front.  Plus it made me think about how little she was, and how much she has grown this past year.  Oh how I adore her and everything about her!

I also started a pantry renovation project that I will share soon... but for the next few days, I have a little girl that deserves her mama's attention... right now her job is to be my baby, and my job is to be her mama.  Only a few more days till I go back to work, so I need to soak up all my Ava to last me until Spring Break!

In the meantime... here is my December Birchbox for the fellow product lovers out there.   I love to stalk in a non-creepy way follow the advice of Kate at The Small Things, so when she recommended that the product junkies out there try Birchbox... I was in like Flynn.  Whoever Flynn is.  So I got the November Birch Box, and enjoyed the concealer and the face wash (though it is a bit drying)... but then cancelled because I decided I didn't need a bunch of samples.

Then December rolled in, and Joe (aka my Jack, Mr. Sprat) and I decided no gifts to each other for Christmas.  So of course I re-enrolled.  Long story short, the shipment was delayed due to a snafu with Birchbox's suppliers, so I just got my December box...  here is what I got this month:

I now have this cute lip gloss from Jouer (it does not look that pink when on) which is a pretty little pop of color.  And I LOVE Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo.  I have the powder form, which works wonders for Day 2 hair... and am really excited for this spray form.

The next time I am in 'da clubs, I can use the Show Stoppers.  Just kidding, actually I think for us busty ladies, it would be great for button down shirts, to stop that peekaboo gap, or I have a dress with ruffles in the front that reveals a bit too much when I am sitting down.

I already drank the Boost, and it is sort of like Emergen-C... meh, I liked it but wouldn't need a box for $28 bucks when Emergen-C is $9.99.

The Ambre Nue is not my scent... and actually Joe and I were having trouble deciding if it was a men's fragrance since they call it cologne.  But no, it just is a stronger smell that is not quite my scent personality.

Finally, the bronze shimmery dry oil, for face OR hair.  Hmmm... I guess when I am clubbin' I could glisten.  But I forgot again I don't club anymore (uh, or ever?).  Because I am now a coug... or at least a panther. Rawr.  But really, I think I will give it a try and see if it makes my hair shiny, and then give it a whirl next time I go to the movies in case it looks scary.

Ok... time to stop messing around in blog-land, and go read an actual book!  I have to finish it by Saturday in order to accomplish my Goodreads goal of 52 books this year!  I better giddy-up! (I don't know what is with my awesome slang tonight... I think I am tired.)


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