Monday, December 19, 2011

Detox Week Three Recap

Phew!  I made it though the third week.  When I weighed myself, I was down 3 more pounds, for a grand total of -15 pounds these past three weeks.  I am thrilled, although I must say I was hoping for more than 3 pounds this past week.  If I had just lost 1 more  pound, I would have been into my next set of 10s, which would have been my lowest weight for quite some time.  But, I suppose there is always next weeks weigh in!

This past week was a hard one, after feeling really successful with week two.  I felt "not hungry - hungry" a lot this past week... where I wasn't really hungry, but wanted to eat something.  I had a hard time feeling satisfied with my meals, and I was battling a lot of cravings.  My other confession is that I only worked out 3 times this past week, although my goal was for five.  I can't help but wonder if those 2 more workouts would have equaled that one extra pound I was looking for.

Besides feeling hungry, there was a couple times I went out to eat and had a hard time finding "legal" food on my diet... restaurants are great at sneaking sugar and butter into their dishes, so even when I ordered what I thought was healthy food, I would think to myself... "hmmm, I think there is butter in here!"

So what to do now?  My plan is to continue to eat as I have been on the purification plan for the rest of the month... with a few exceptions.  I have 3 Christmas parties this week, and while I will not eat every dessert there is to be seen, go up for second helpings of cheesy potatoes, or eat loaves of bread... I am also not going to begrudge myself  a little something off my plan.

Workout goal for this week is four days... woo hoo, I already have one day down!

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