Monday, December 5, 2011

A Surprise From Santa... Ideas that will make your kids freak!

Eyes wide open, a sharp intake of breath, a gigantic grin, and the light behind their eyes that indicates the recognition that what they are seeing... is truly awesome!  These are the reactions we love to see in our kids... well that, and when we manage to scare the heck out of them!  Last year, my husband stumbled upon a website that sends a personalized message from Santa to your child.  It is an extremely well done video, and the look on my nephew's face was absolutely priceless!  He was frozen in shock, and then so excited that Santa knew all about him.

This year, with the help of Pinterest, I found a couple of other awesome ideas that I wanted to share... take a peek:
  • Portable North Pole- website that will send personalized video message to your child, you even upload a photo of their face to be included in the message.
Picture via Portable North Pole's website

  • Capture The Magic- website that allows you to upload a picture of your room with your Christmas tree in it, and add a Santa to the picture.
Picture via Capture the Magic's website.
  • Santa Stationery from Design Editor- Awesome blog that has tons of craft ideas, free downloads (including this Santa letterhead), as well as free fonts, etc.
Photo from Design Editor, free download here too.
Hope you and your kids enjoy these!


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