Saturday, December 17, 2011

Night on the town.

Tonight we went out to a nice dinner at Grand Geneva resort for my mother in law's birthday. I had been thinking, "I hope my Birchbox comes today, and I hope it has a nice berry lip gloss in it to wear tonight.". Of course it didn't come. BUT I did find my old (and I mean OLD) Smashbox lip stain. I think it is from like 4 years ago. Now that I confessed that, I think that sounds gross.

Photo taken with Instagram- while riding in the car.
I was happy with my face (well at least my makeup), and was even rocking a sweater dress with a belt and some boots. I was even good with my appearance until I looked in the full length mirror when I got there. You see, usually I wear my tall Uggs with the outfit... But to be fancy, I wore my leather boots that are more lower calf length (which got my husband's approval).

So picture this... Slouchy leather boots up to lower calf, tights, tunic length sweater, belt... I looked like freaking Peter Pan. So I kept calling out, "Peetah" like Wendy in Hook. Then my hubs asked me where Rufio was. Grrr.

At least my lips looked nice.


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