Sunday, December 11, 2011

Now that I will take! Detox recap week 2.

Once again... drum roll please...  the final weigh in for week two of my purification diet shows another -7 pounds lost, for a grand total of -12 pounds in two weeks!  I couldn't be more thrilled!  AND I met my week 2 goal of working out 4 days this past week.

One worry I had was whether I am loosing so much weight so quickly because I am starving myself by eating just the fruit and veggies.  So I tracked my calorie intake for several days on a great (free) iPhone app called MyFitnessPal.  Overall, I am eating between 1200-1400 calories a day... so while I am eating low calorie, I am not eating too few calories to sustain myself.

This week, I need to think hard about how I am going to reintroduce foods once the purification is over.  I do want to try to reintroduce slowly so as to not just gain back all this hard work I have put in.  I also want to think about what my diet will look like overall.  Do I want to follow this purification diet for 80% of the time, and then 20% of the time allow myself to eat food not allowed?  Do I want to follow a "clean" diet most of the time, and then follow the purification diet for 1 week out of every month?  Do I pick one "bad" day a week that I allow myself to have things like pizza and pasta?

I will have to think about it.

I do know, that I have to be careful about falling into the "all or nothing" mentality that is so familiar to me.  The "Well, I already blew today so I might as well eat these cookies too".  I think it is important to remember that I am human, and at times I might be somewhere and make the decision to go "off-plan" and that is ok.  I just also have to remember that I do not always have to wait for tomorrow to get back on track.

I am excited to see where I will be at in another week.  I can already tell that my energy level has improved and I feel much better about myself in general.  The bad thing is that although this is great... I still have a lot of work, and a long way to go.  But for now I will focus on the small things, and little victories along the way.

Week 3 goal: Follow plan, and work out 5 days this week.  And remember... I got this!


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