About Me

It took me awhile to decide what to write in this section, because I was having trouble deciding what "category" my blog fell into.  Because it is a little on the newer side, at this point it is still evolving into the vision I have for it... a little bit like I am still evolving, as I try to be the best version of "me" I can be.  At first, I thought, "why not write about my weight loss challenges?" and so in the beginning... I did.  I named my blog Jack Sprat's Wife because I have struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for quite some time... while being married to a wonderful man who finds it so easy to remain lean and eat healthy.  But you can see in the limited number of early entries, weight loss is not my driving force in life.

So what is my passion?  I suppose it would be the things I hold dear to me in my life.  God, and my precious family.  I love being a mother and wife.  I thank God every single day for that gift.  After that, I enjoy making little crafts here and there, cooking and baking, reading books (lots of them), and trying to think up fun activities for Ava and I (or for our family).

By day, I am a School Psychologist, and currently work with two and a half through five year olds.  I spend a lot of time thinking about childhood development, and coming up with activities to help kids grow and develop.  I enjoy my job, but not as much as I enjoy being a mother!  But I do love that my job helps me think of so many fun things to do with Ava as she gets older.

This is my little corner to blog about life -- things I enjoy, including trying out fun recipes, creating, my family, and parenting, while also having a place to work through the things I enjoy a little less, like the perpetual struggle to live a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for stopping by!