Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of course...

I realize it has been over an entire year since I posted last on this blog, and my diet has gone as well as my blog writing has gone. Partly this is because, of course... just as I summon the will to be healthy and exercise, I found out I was pregnant. Very exciting... and my daughter is the best part of my life. Now I just need to get healthy so I can keep up!

I have renewed my hope to become fit. Jack Sprat of course is still overboard on his fitness... which makes me want to eat macaroni and cheese. But really, I need to get a handle on myself. The months of being pregnant were not kind to my body. And it did not help that Jack went through a "num num" making phase during which he made delectable treats full of butter and sugar. And then made me eat them. I am not kidding. He actually made me... which is kinda offensive since he wouldn't want to eat them himself since it was unhealthy. I mean who freaking does that to someone who is overweight! Like, "Hear fatty, come get the cupcake!"

So today I stole recipes from my sister's blog, The Rookie Cook and managed a healthy day. I made stuffed peppers and Shrek soup for dinner. Thank heaven for 40 calorie a slice bread, or I would have been in real trouble! My loving husband came home with salted caramel gelato and a cupcake. Sigh... at least he didn't get mad that I ate it!

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  1. post script... my hubs cannot be blamed for my treat eating. I really am glad when I get to eat gelato! I just need to control myself the rest of the day!