Saturday, July 28, 2012

And now for my weekend update.

This week I have been using My Fitness Pal pretty regularly, and I feel good about my week.  Right now my biggest problem is my calf muscles and feet.  I have severe foot pain almost all of the time, and especially throbbing in my right foot that can keep me up at night.  So annoying!  Like I need more hurdles :)  But I suppose this isn't meant to be an easy journey for me.  If it were, I would have already lost the weight.

I had been planning on a new pair of shoes once I lost 10 lbs, as a reward.  But with the foot pain I decided to make the plunge.  My old shoes were Nike Lunar Glides, one of the first editions since I am pretty certain I got them for Christmas in 2009.  This time around, I got the New Balance 860 v2.  And they have pink on them! When I was being fitted for shoes, it was sort of funny because the lady told me I had the tightest calf muscles she had ever felt... hmmm, no wonder I have foot pain!


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