Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Exciting News! Blog Refocus and New Co-Blog!

After thinking about it for awhile, I have decided to change the focus of this blog, and create another blog about some of my other interests. I love the thought of Jack Sprat's Wife, especially since I try so hard to loose weight, and my husband is so lean and healthy, but I guess I feel like Jack Sprat's Wife was originally created to document my journey through weight loss... my ups and downs... and even some recipes that have helped me along the way. And right now it is a life blog with an identity crisis :)

So... I will be in the process of creating another blog in the next few days. If you follow me here, I hope you will continue to do so! I will be creating redirects some of my old posts to the new address (especially my posts about crafts and creations), so some of the content will still be here, as well as there (as long as it works like I think!)

So what is the new title?

Well the great thing is that my sister and I have decided to co-blog! About the same things as I do now... Being healthy, recipes, family, kids, and crafts!  It will be more of a lifestyle blog, whereas Jack Sprat's Wife will focus more on weight loss.

Our blog will be called Sweet Sister Life and will be able to be found at

Update your feeds and bookmarks, and we will see you over there!


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