Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in the Saddle!

I haven't blogged about my weight loss journey in about two weeks... I am sure you can guess what that means.  Well, actually it means a couple of things.  First, is that a couple days before Christmas I sort of fell off the wagon.  Not as bad as in the past, but I allowed myself some treats, and to eat bread and cheese again.  I didn't work out that whole week after Christmas either.  Bad! 

But I did learn something about myself again... I can honestly say that sugar overload bothers my stomach, and too much cheese is not my friend.  My stomach felt blegh, and I had trouble sleeping those nights I over did it.  Now if I could just remember that the next time I feel the need for stuffed pizza!

Then I was trying to decide what "my plan" was... you know, that New Year's plan to go along with the resolution to loose all of your weight this year?  I couldn't decide what to do.  Should I go on weight watchers again? Try to just keep going with my purification diet and add back a couple of food groups? Try out South Beach again?  I still don't think I have a clear plan in mind, but I can tell you that THIS is what my plan does include:

Via Pinterest, via Tumblr
I am going to give it twelve weeks, then re-evaluate what I am doing, and make changes where I need to. So I am on week one... my goal for the next week is to eat as I was on my detox.  That is the 1 cup lentils or 1/2 cup  brown rice, all the veggies I want, all the fruit I want (as long as I eat 2 Xs the number of veggies), protein shakes, and a small amount of chicken or fish.  I plan to weigh in on Mondays in order to help keep me accountable over the weekends.

And beginning next week, and for 6 weeks after that, I am trying something totally new.  Because I bought a Groupon!  On Groupon, there was a deal for a medically monitored weight loss plan at a local Center for Health and Nutrition.  It includes a body analysis, an hour session with a dietitian, and three follow up appointments with the dietitian... and some meal replacement shakes.  I am excited about this, but I truly hope this is not a liquid diet I just signed up for...  because 6 weeks of just drinking liquids would make me very grumpy!  Anyway, my first appointment is on Wednesday next week, fingers crossed that this helps!

So... my New Year's resolution in the area of health is just that... to become a healthier person by loosing weight, exercising frequently, and watching my diet. 

I want to be healthy for my daughter, I want to have energy, I want to have more babies and not be so worried about my blood pressure, I want to be able to shop at Anthroplogie and to be able to wear my cute jeans.  I don't want to be tired anymore, or humiliated when out shopping with my mom and sister, and we have to go through the bowels of hell in order to locate the plus size clothes they hide in major department stores (cough, cough... Macy's).  I want to be proud of myself for making progress, and remember,  

I want to do this for me!


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