Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A bit of a let down.

I had my appointment with the dietitian at the Center for Health and Fitness today... and really I was a little disappointed. Most of what we talked about I already knew. But... I am going to stick to the plan (whatever we adjust it to be) for the next 6 weeks though and see where I end up. Right now, my plan includes eating 6 times a day, while staying within 1000-1200 calories a day. I am to also to try to get about 56 grams of protein in, and limit my carbs to those found in fruits and veggies. Sometimes I can trade a whole grain in for a fruit. Some of my meals will be in the form of meal replacements (they use Optifast).

So basically, I will be eating the same as I was on the detox, but will need to add back more protein forms (for example including beans, nuts, etc).

Some of why I am down is that I gained back some of the weight I lost before Christmas. The other part is that I have SO far to go, I can't even imagine how I am going to accomplish this. And also, if I want to continue this medical weight loss beyond the 6 weeks, it is really expensive to maintain, and the plan moves to either 100% meal replacement, or being allowed to only eat dinner. Gah!

The couple things that did stand out for me is that she talked about losing weight not being a question of will power or self control, but really engineering my environment to ensure my success. This makes total sense to me, being a School Psychologist who works with teachers to engineer environments for kids to ensure their success. I guess this means don't buy crap I shouldn't eat, and have the hubs keep his cupcakes in his beer fridge! It also relates to back when I started the detox unprepared... Keeping the good foods in stock will be a huge help to me.

The other little nugget, was for me to think about this as the weight loss phase of my life... Limit what I am allowed to eat right now and get the weight off.

So, as with the beginning of the detox, I am starting this plan with a hefty dose of skepticism... We will see how it goes... Tomorrow is day one of the weight loss phase of my life!


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