Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Mini-Goal #1

Do you have a picture in your head of what you look like?  I do...

Me in San Francisco for our "Mini-Moon"- 2006
And still on our Mini-Moon, in Sonoma Valley
 Unfortunately, the "me" I see, is not the me anyone else sees.  The funny thing is that I was so disappointed in myself for being at this weight when I got married... and now I would give about anything to be back here again... even though it is far from my ideal, or even a healthy weight.
One of the things I NEVER do is take full body pictures of myself.  In fact I avoid pictures of myself whenever possible, because I am embarrassed about where I am at right now.  Pretty sure I am going to regret this at some point because I would love some more mommy and baby photos.  One thing I plan to do is take full body photos of what I look like right now... which I will share at some point.  Just not yet.

My goal right now? It is a big "mini" goal.  Get back to my weight from 5 years ago.  Even though it is still not my ideal, it does include losing about 20% of my current weight... enough to be medically significant, and enough to make myself feel quite a bit better about myself.

So.  I have my eating plan down and decided on... next up... the workout plan!

Thanks to those out there encouraging me along the way!


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