Thursday, January 5, 2012

I can relate.

I was flipping through the channels and stopped to fix my tea, while The Family Guy just happened to be on.  Although I do not regularly watch this show, it gave me pause because the episode is about Chris' struggle to lose weight.  His mother fixed him a plate of vegetables for dinner while everyone else got meatloaf and cake.  He said, "Oh... it tastes like a monkey.  A monkey that's past its prime."  Haha! I feel that way about some vegetables (especially ones that are frozen).  It is so hard to eat healthy when others around are eating comfort foods and sweets!  To help him become motivated to exercise, Peter dangled a fishing pole of him with a twinkie attached to it... Chris would run all over the place trying to get at the twinkie.

As I saw that, I thought a lot about how I often "reward" myself with food.  Sometimes I have the mentality, well I did well all day, so I deserve this unhealthy thing.  And the truth is, what I really deserve is to skip the unhealthy food and reward myself in another way.  I saw this on Pinterest, and it gave me pause to think...

Why is bad food such a prize to me?  Why is it that when I am being healthy and eating great, all I can think about is "I can't wait till I lose more weight so I can eat {insert bad food} again!"  I really need to change this thought process... this need to view food as the ultimate prize, because the truth is, when I do decide to treat myself, it is rarely worth it.

A friend said to me, when they are around unhealthy foods, they try to think to themselves, "Am I going to remember this in a few months?"  Sometimes the answer is yes.  I mean it is unrealistic to pass up favorite foods all of the time... and those really awesome desserts people bring out during special occasions?  I mean, come on already.  But more often than not... the answer is no.  I am not going to regret passing up those desserts... but I am going to regret caving in.

As I retrain my thoughts, I really need to remember that.  The way I feel when I cave in... and then the way I feel so amazing when I stick to my guns and enjoy a piece of fruit while drinking tea instead.

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