Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Apple, Manchego, and Fig Panini

We received a Panini maker for Christmas, so have been trying out different paninis for the past couple nights.

Tonight, for me it was Granny Smith Apple, Manchego Cheese, and Fig Butter on Italian bread.

Before the press... note the Trader Joe's Fig Butter in the background.

After the press with my Sauvignon Blanc.  Nope.  It does not look impressive, not even a little bit.  No one on Pinterest would pin this little panini! But still, it was darn tasty!  The sweet of the fig paired really well with the tart apple, and the salty cheese.  I will definitely make this again.  Maybe with a different bread that can hold the ingredients a little better.  I would also be interested to try this with Brie cheese (I know, so original).

But this is seriously easy... you literally spread the fig butter, slice the cheese, and peel and slice the apples and stack it all in there.  A 5 minute dinner that is a party in your mouth!

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  1. This looks absolutely delish! Love the salty/sweet combination.