Sunday, December 4, 2011

I got this! Detox Week 1 Recap

I made it through my first week!  And... drumroll please... my weigh in reveals -5 lbs.   Hooray!  One week of watching what I eat, has gotten better results than 6 weeks of an intense exercise regimen.  Let's see what happens this week when I combine the two.

For the past week, according to the Standard Process kit directions, I have been taking 2 SP Complete shakes per day, 7 SP Cleanse capsules 3 times per day, and 3 Gastro Fiber capsules 3 times per day.  I also added a parasite cleanser that I got from my Aunt, which is called WRM, and I take 2 dropperfuls of this 3 times per day.  Hey, go big or go home, right?

The hardest part of the capsule regimen is that you have to take them on an empty stomach.  Which means I can take the pills, wait an hour, and then eat, OR I can eat, wait 2 hours, and then take the pills.  I am allowed to take the shake with the pills... but it is unclear if I can still take the shake if I am mixing the powder with fruit so I still try to stagger it.

Starting today, I take 5 capsules of SP Green Food, two times per day (this replaces the SP Cleanse capsules).

I am not going to sugar coat it, this is probably too regimented for some people... and it is hard to do unless you feel pretty committed.  I am proud of myself for making it through both parties yesterday without slipping.  My only "cheat" from my list of foods I am able to eat, is that I have used canned organic tomatoes and organic tomato juice in the Gazpacho and in the Poblano soup... along with organic Vegetable Stock.  I checked the ingredient lists for hidden sugar, oil, or other ingredients besides vegetables, and did not see any so I am ok with this little change (the diet calls for fresh or frozen only).

Thanks for the support!


  1. Yay Amy!! Great job sticking with it.

  2. Thanks Christine! It was great to catch up with you yesterday!