Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Very First Sewing Machine! How to get started.

(I need to work on my indoor photography)
I mentioned that I received a sewing machine from my mom for Christmas this year... but I did not mention that it is my very first one!  I am so excited!  I just know that soon I will be designing my own line at Wal-Mart, just like Martha.  Except I would want to have my line at Target.  Just sayin'.

Anyway, I am now the proud owner of the Brother CS-6000i.  It has 60 different stitches... and the best part, is that it is sew easy.  It even says so on the box.  Not only is it easy, but it is also sew advanced AND sew affordable.  Those marketers at Brother are such a bunch of joke-sters.

Here is another photo of the machine out of the box.

 Look at all those stitch options!  I can make leaves!

Now... I have a confession.  It took me until yesterday to get it out of the box, and today to try to wind the bobbin and thread the needle.  Why? Because this is some intimidating stuff!  Not only is this my first sewing machine, but I also have never even been around someone using a sewing machine!  And on You Tube... there weren't any videos of what to do with my model.  It took me more than an hour to figure out something that should take like 5 minutes.  So I made a couple videos.  If you are a beginner, take a peek.  I will probably re-do these after awhile once I hone my video camera skills.

Here is the one on How to Wind Your Bobbin, and How to set your bobbin.  (Using the machine's fast bobbin winding system and quick set bobbin)

And on on How to Set the Upper Thread and Thread the Needle. (Using the needle threader)
This video cracks me up because for like 30 seconds all you see is my hand while I can't get the hook to catch the thread.

My first project attempt is to be a pillow for Ava... one with her bitty clothing cut into letters.  We will see if I can figure it out!


  1. My daughter received a similar one for Christmas a couple of years ago. She absolutely loves it! She's always trying to come up with new creations. Can't wait to see yours! :)

  2. Yes! I saw one of those pillows on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea. Maybe I will have one commissioned (by you) for Cooper! Let me know how it works.

  3. @Skye-Lynn

    Thanks! I sure hope I can figure it out... this pillow is trickier than I first thought :)

  4. @Wilssar

    If I figure it out, I would love to make one for little Miss Cooper! I am having a panic attack because I cut her coming home outfit (it was stained) and if this pillow is a flop, I am going to be so upset.

  5. Es mi máquina de coser y estoy encantada con ella. Felicidades por la compra y me gusta mucho tu blog y las cosas que nos enseñas.

  6. @chmurciano

    Lo siento si esto no se traduce bien, pero yo quería darle las gracias por tu comentario amable. Me tomó un vistazo a tu blog, y quieres probar algunos de los proyectos bastante que has publicado!