Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workin' It... and another lesson I've learned.

This is totally me:

     I took a couple of new workout classes this week, and although mentally, I might have thought it would look cute giddy-uping like a cowgirl while pretending to whirl a lasso (this was during Piloxing)... in reality it looks like you are having convulsions.  Or are just a huge moron.  Or both.  Thanks goodness for the elderly gentleman trying to do this move, so I was not the only one who looked out of place.  I saw the photo above on Pinterest, and it totally applies to me.  In fact this might have been me as a little girl. There is nothing like a class in a room full of mirrors to douse you with a high dose of reality.
     But I digress... for this week my goal is to work out four times... and as of today, I have worked out three times.  Three times while on my Christmas "break", and while it is my sweets and lazy loungin' time of the year.
     Monday I tried a new class at our park district.  It is called Kettlebell... if you haven't tried it before, you basically lift a ball shaped weight with a handle on it about a million times.  Yep.  One million.  In the class, the "go to exercise" is 3 different sets of exercises that you do while squatting.  You start with 12 of each, then 11, then 10... you get the picture.  You do this between every pyramid of all the other exercises you do, and all exercises follow that 12, 11, 10, etc. format.  It really was a great workout, even though I had to rest my arms a few times.  The great thing about this workout, is that if I go a couple more times, I could totally replicate the workout at home.  And since I like to be cheap when it comes to workouts, this is ideal.
     Yesterday, I tried another class called Piloxing... I was hoping for a little more on the Pilates side, but it was like 98% boxing and 2%  pilates.  My aching muscles from Monday were not thanking me.  And the Piloxing class... was even harder than the Kettlebells.  Seriously, that horsey cowgirl gallop is hard, especially if you have to whirl your imaginary lasso (who comes up with these moves?).  But again, I made it through... all the while cursing my lumpy looking figure in the dance class mirrors.
   What did I learn this week?  Well, for one, with all the success I have had this month, mirrors don't lie.  I still have a long way to go.  I mean a really long way.   But even more importantly, these classes were at 5:30 AM. I woke up at 5 AM on two of my days off... and it felt great.  I loved actually getting up and getting my workouts over with... and loved that I didn't roll over and say, "meh, it was only $5 for the class".
   So in a few minutes, I will shut my computer, and go work out, despite the fact that I would rather read a book.  And in my mind, rather than the holding on to the image of myself during Piloxing, or that little girl above, I will remember this: