Thursday, November 10, 2011


I mentioned that one of my goals has been to live life fully and be a participant in life, cause let me tell 'ya... For awhile there, I was headed to frumpy mom-ville, when really I want to be -- how does that song go? "One hot mama" ;-)

For awhile I had been holding on to this dream of having my pretty long hair while being skinny... But I got stuck in the grown out highlights + bun rut, so I decided to cut my hair. I mean it grows back, doesn't it! So I found this great blog, (here) and just fell in love with this style! I am also pretty sure Kate could be best friends with me.

So here is my new 'do after being inspired by one of Kate's tutorials. And I think this "new me" is one giant step toward being the on top of things-put together-superwoman that I aspire to be! Just pretend I have put-together-person makeup on.


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