Thursday, November 17, 2011


Has anyone heard of Birchbox? I first learned of it through my favorite hair-tutorial blog, and decided that a November birthday present to me was in order. I went online, and filled out my profile and signed up for the month's subscription (only $10!). What is it? Well... its a little sample filled box of products. And mostly not teeny little samples, but good sized ones that will last you. Oh! I forgot to mention that the samples are supposedly tailored to how you fill out your online "profile". As someone who REALLY loves products (my idea of fun... or procrastination... in college was a midnight trip to the Jewel cosmetics section) I thought this was right up my alley, and budget!

Here is my November Birchbox...
I LOVE Thymes products... and these 2 smell pretty good! I have tried both the eye concealer and the face wash... both of which I would possibly purchase. I can't lie, I would not wear the "Noel" colored nail-polish, although it is a fun color.


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