Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I feel like I always get my best ideas for writing just as I am about to go to bed... Then I don't write anything down and don't remember to blog about my thoughts And this is how I go months without a new entry.
The exciting thing is that I lost 3 pounds. And yes I am celebrating the small things. I spent all of September and half October working out like a crazy person and I didn't even loose one stinking pound. So when I hurt my knee, I gave it a rest and have only been managing a couple of work outs a week.
I fluctuate between saying this is okay and being really hard on myself for being a failure. I think about all that I want out of life, and when it comes down to it... I just want to live life fully. Participate in life. Not let it pass me by... Before Ava was born, and even during times when I am not spending time with her, I can admit I haven't always been so good at that.
But changes have been coming! When I think about that - I feel like even if I have not reached any of my weight loss goals, at least I have made more of an effort to make changes in myself :)


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