Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Thankful

I had ambitions for today... a mommy & baby trip to Starbucks, a little trip to the store, some playtime outside, a head start on the Thanksgiving cooking, and wrapping up the laundry and cleaning.  But we got to none of it because today was one of those days... one of those days where Ava needed a lot of extra snuggles, a lot of holding, a lot of answers to "That?", a lot of... well, Mommy.

But I have to say, that even though I didn't get anything done, I am so thankful for days like today.  I'm thankful that I have a beautiful daughter who is getting too big too fast, I'm thankful that she wants me and needs me to comfort her, I'm even thankful that she is getting into everything... I'm thankful that she empties out the cabinets, runs around with all of our plastic cups, throws our plastic silverware on the floor, and wants to know what "that" refrigerator is, "that" cookbook is, "that" gourd is, and so on.

I am so thankful that she marches her little chubby legs around in circles when she is "dancing", that she can't run yet, so when I say "I'm gonna get you!" she just shrieks with laughter and sticks her belly out farther while trying to get those little legs to move faster.  I'm thankful that when she is playing, she pauses to make sure I'm nearby, looks at me with those eyes that are so much like her Daddy's, smiles, and goes back to playing.  I'm thankful that she could spend hours diving into cushions and pillows, or rocking in the chair.  I'm thankful that she loves to look at books with me, and smirks at my funny voices.  I am thankful that she still fits in the sink for baths, especially when it is spaghetti night, and she wants to do it all herself.

I am so thankful for every precious moment with her, because I know that time is moving quickly.  Someday soon, she will no longer be my little babycakes... and I will be thankful for the little girl she has become.  But for now, I cherish all the things she does that make her "little" and thank God for the days that don't go as planned.


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