Monday, November 14, 2011

I got peed on!

Did I mention I work with preschoolers? I think I did, but did I also tell you that the women I work with are ALL amazing? I love that our team is so dedicated to the kids that we work with. We all truly believe that our kids have so much potential in them, and we all work so hard to create programming for them to ensure our kids are successful.

And... part of that programming includes potty training. Yep, we go where even our kids' parents do not want to go, because some of the children we work with? Are absurdly difficult to teach to potty train. No joke, we work on this with some kids for years.

Sometimes we have to work on things like... shall we say, the need to improve ones' aim. All that is needed is a little visual reminder (and sometimes a verbal one too) of the steps one needs to take in order to be successful at this noble endeavor. "Push it down" can be heard by our teachers-- the "precorrect" is key, you see? But even with the best of preparation, sometimes we forget! I mean it IS hard to remember...

And so we arrive at today. Approximately 3:30 PM. When one of our very BEST teachers walked in and exclaimed, "I got peed on today!" Because, you see, sometimes... when our kids forget? They let go... and you are standing directly above them trying to help. And then? You get peed on. In. The. Face.


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